5 Ways Compounding Pharmacies Can Help You

You probably have a compounding pharmacy in your neighborhood. These healthcare professionals may be needed when the products provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers do not fill the needs of individual patients. The trained pharmacists can create custom medications for special situations. Here are just a few of the ways compounding pharmacies like Potter’s House Apothecary can provide medications to keep you and your family healthy.

Providing Specific Dosages Not Generally Available

Sometimes, a patient may require a dosage of a medication that cannot be accurately provided in the form that is made by pharmaceutical companies. The compounding pharmacist is able to make the right dosage, so that patients can receive the exact amount of the drug that will help their condition.

Creating Medications Is a Different Form

Sometimes, children are prescribed a medication, but it is only available in a pill form. The compounding pharmacy can create a liquid form for the patient that is easier to take and therefore, is more effective for the treatment of a medical problem.

Making Medications without Allergy-Producing Ingredients

Some patients are highly allergic to components included in the manufacture of common medications from pharmaceutical companies. These patients can benefit from a compounding pharmacy that can create the drug without the offending compound.

Providing Drugs That Are Experiencing a Shortage or Discontinuation

Occasionally, drug shortages occur when pharmaceutical companies run into problems with delivery of chemical components or other problems in manufacturing. Your local compounding pharmacy is likely to have amounts of these compounds on hand and can create the drug in a small quantity, so you can continue your medication treatment, regardless of holdups at the manufacturing level. Similarly, if a drug that is discontinued may help a patient better than current drugs, the compounding pharmacy can provide the older type of drug.

Combining Drugs in a Single Medication

In some cases, it may be beneficial for a patient to have a medication that is combined with one or more other drugs, for the best effect. In these cases, the compounding pharmacy can provide these drugs in one convenient form to help these patients receive the best care for their unique needs.

Compounding pharmacies continue to provide the same quality and individualized attention they have given to the public throughout the history of pharmaceutical care. Their unique position in the marketplace allows individuals with special pharmaceutical needs to receive the care that will help them to recover from a variety of health problems. If you, or someone in your family, have a particular medication need, talk to your doctor about a compounding pharmacy that can help.

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